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Empty Homes - improving neighbourhoods

With a severe shortage of affordable homes in the Uk, empty properties represent a significant waste of resources and a missed opportunity for meeting the housing needs of communities across the country.

Bringing longterm empty homes back into use is a much more cost effective way of tackling the shortage of affordable homes compared to new builds, as well as improving neighbourhoods.

Tando Property Services currently work with several Local Authrities in London, Luton and the South East in bringing empty properties back into use.  We have a proven track record and extensive property management experiance.  We are able to provide a full management services, including property refurbishment, day-to-day repairs, housing management services and aiding grant applications in accordance with the specifications set out by the Local Authority
  • Architect services
  • Planning application service
  • Building regulations guidance
  • Full Referbishment Service for all building works
  • Property Letting Services
  • Property management service - 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Property Maintenance Services - 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Liaison with utility companies
  • Reduce local problems of vandalism and fly tipping and depressed house prices and housing blight
  • Restore local economic vitality
  • Increases council tax income, which benefits the wider community.
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